Congratulation’s to Annie Novotny, Frei Designs Founder
and Creative Director on receiving Chicago Reader’s Best Fashion Designer in Chicago 2011.

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Looking at early images of Geisha's from the 1930's and Frida Kahlo's
self portraits from the 1940's it was the adornment, the rich textures
and colors that informed this collection- vibrant and blossoming are
the essence of spring.

Photography: Jason Robinette  /  Styling: Annie Novotny  /  hair & makeup: colleen o'sullivan


Frei merges design, comfort and sustainability seamlessly.

Each season starts with a story. Ideas are drawn from experiences in travel, literary inquisition and, most important, historical study. Collections are heavily influenced by cultural and social examination. Themes have included Colonialism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love and Other Demons, Amelia Earhart and the dawn of aviation, and nineteenth-century mourning photography.

We favor organic cottons, natural dyes, and locally manufactured textiles. Although we evolve constantly, Frei is dedicated to emphasizing artistry through nature in everything we do.

Designed, manufactured
and located in the heart of Chicago.

Email: info at
In store: 1819 W. Grand Ave Chicago Il, 60622